About a year ago someone asked, how Covid changed my photography. I am still fascinated by that question and I am still without a proper answer.

As to me, there's a lot of emotions I put into my pictures.

Like observing a dismantling point of view as you have no chance to escape that uncommon context on one side and using filters on the other side, that bring back the everyday days, remembering a world with less restrictions, a planet without a pandemic, a state of affairs when most travelled freely, and a time when the world as it is today was inconceivable.

It´s inspiring unanswered and in the midst of pandemic, we all have questions that remained unanswered however, I took it as a chance to look forward and somehow seek the truth, the truth that cannot be changed and there I found the Word of God.

My faith grew stronger as I have reflected in what was happening in the world and yes, I got two tools to remain sane in those times, the Bible and my camera.