Aung Chan Myae

Aung Chan Myae describes his experience of the Covid-19 pandemic as “really tiring and depressing.”

The outbreak started in Myanmar in February 2020. Schools and offices closed, as the government announced a lockdown. Months later, Aung Chan Myae’s whole family were infected by the virus.

Months later, Aung Chan Myae’s whole family were infected by the virus. “I even lost my siblings and grandma because of Covid,” he says. Infected himself, Aung Chan Myae spent two months in a quarantine centre. “Everyday I coughed a lot, experienced headaches and I couldn’t breathe well and barely talked.” He describes the outbreak’s third wave as “the worst thing [he] had ever encountered in [his] life.”

“Every single day around 500 people died. Even at the cemetery there were piles of dead bodies. It was like an apocalypse. Everyone encountered losses of their beloved people.” Aung Chan Myae says the pandemic “changed [his] life completely.” It derailed his financial security, friendships, hobbies and education.

Despite the hardship Aung Chan Myae has faced during the pandemic he remains amazingly positive. “From my story, what I really want to tell people is not to give up. Keep chasing your dreams and don’t let things stop you from moving on. Be brave, be strong and believe in yourself. And never stop learning.”

Today, back to his health, Aung Chan Myae has started his own small business, is studying art at university and has met new friends online from all around the world.